Traceless Invisible Technologies

Protect your brand against the gray market by adding an invisible security layer to fight against diverters.

Traceless AD


Traceless AD is a covert solution for invisible serialization. It can be applied via inkjet printing directly on the product, or it can be part of a pre-printed label. It can also be applied manually with a stamp or pen. Traceless AD is undetectable by UV or visible illumination, which are common tools used by diverters. For authentication and tracking, the marks are viewed using eApeiron proprietary readers and smart phone attachments.

Traceless Color

traceless color

Traceless Color is a colored continuous inkjet (CIJ) ink, that contains an invisible, covert Traceless AD component. This is an excellent authentication solution that can be deployed in a brand owner’s manufacturing or packaging facility using common, end-of-line printing equipment. Using our proprietary readers, detecting the presence of the solution within the printed product will signify that it is authentic.

Traceless Viewer
Traceless Portable
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