Kodak Encrypted Technologies

Ultra-guard your products with concealed and undetectable solutions.

Kodak Covert


Kodak Covert is a covert solution utilized by brand owners to identify an original product from a counterfeit. It is compatible with a wide range of substances, allowing delivery via varnish, ink, thread and plastic. The solution can only be detected by our proprietary Kodak Covert Reader, an easy to use, pocket-sized device enabling fast, and non-destructive authentication in the field or in warehouse environments.

Kodak Ultra-Covert


Kodak Ultra-Covert is a covert solution with an unique characteristic; it is forensically undetectable. In fact, in most applications it is used at levels below the FDA Threshold of Regulation for Food Contact Notification. When mixed into a substance, it creates an identifier that can only be recognized by our Kodak Ultra-Covert Reader.

Kodak Covert Reader
Kodak Ultra-Covert Reader
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