Kodak invisible ink technology

Kodak to use invisible ink technology for anti-counterfeiting venture

Kodak and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba are behind a new start-up that aims to fight the e-commerce fake product market using invisible, digitally traceable ink markers.

Launched this month, Miami-headquartered Eapeiron will provide technology that will enable brand owners, manufacturers and retailers to protect their products from being counterfeited or from entering the ‘grey market’, where products destined for certain countries are diverted to countries for which they are not licensed to be sold under a certain price.

The new ‘encryption technology’ for e-commerce has been developed and manufactured by Kodak at its Rochester, New York laboratories and is based on the Traceless ink technology developed by Creo, which was acquired by Kodak in 2005.

“That technology was certainly a springboard for this, which Kodak has taken and elevated probably tenfold since then,” said Eapeiron chairman and chief executive Charles Fernandez.